The association aims to develop capacities in areas such as education, civil society awareness, social entrepreneurship and scientific technology for women and children, especially young people, from different socio-economic and cultural segments.

It was also established to create a social innovation that will enable people and institutions engaged in production, research, and development to share their innovative experience and sustainable solutions to contribute to social and economic development and to develop cooperation.

Working Subjects and Forms to be Continued by the Association

  1. To organize capacity building trainings and courses on science, technology, design, and natural life, especially for young people, children, and women.
  2. Bringing together people who study on and think about science, technology and design in the same time and place.
  3. To provide social benefit with science and technology-oriented activities and projects that focus on the solution of social problems.
  4. To carry out activities that will contribute to the lives of the members by carrying out activities in the fields of society, economy, culture, law, education, scientific technology, and sports; to provide solidarity among them and to cooperate with other national and international associations and foundations operating on similar issues.
  5. To carry out scientific studies, in cooperation with other individuals and organizations that carry out activities related to the aims and subjects of the association, to eliminate prejudices, especially towards youth, children and women, which show economic, artistic, and cultural differences, and to protect and increase their recognition, prestige.
  6. In accordance with the purpose of the association, especially educational activities, open sessions, conferences, seminars, panels, symposiums, camps, all kinds of meetings and shows, organizing concerts, opening exhibitions, organizing competitions, putting, and giving awards.
  7. To carry out activities that strengthen the feelings of friendship and cooperation between people, regardless of race, color, religion, and political views.
  8. To provide all kinds of information, documents, and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to establish a documentation center; to publish publications such as newspapers, magazines, books, and bulletins to announce the works.
  9. To provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose, to provide all kinds of technical tools and equipment, fixtures, and stationery.
  10. Accepting donations from within the country and abroad by carrying out fundraising activities, provided that the necessary permissions are obtained.
  11. Establishing and operating economic, commercial, and industrial enterprises to provide the budget needed for the realization of the targets of the regulation.
  12. Opening clubs, establishing social and cultural facilities, and furnishing them so that its members can benefit and spend their spare time.
  13. To organize dinner meetings, concerts, balls, theaters, exhibitions, sports events, excursions, and entertaining events to develop and maintain human relations among its members, or to enable its members to benefit from such activities.
  14. Purchasing, selling, renting, leasing movable and immovable property that may be needed for the activities of the association and establishing real rights on immovables.
  15. To establish a foundation, to establish a federation or to join an established federation in the country and abroad, if deemed necessary, for the realization of the purpose; to establish facilities that associations can establish by obtaining the necessary permission.
  16. Engaging in international activities, being a member of associations or organizations abroad, and cooperating with or helping to these organizations.
  17. To carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations, if deemed necessary, to achieve the purpose, without prejudice to the provisions of the Law No. 5072 on the Relationship of Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Organizations.
  18. Establishing a fund in to meet the short-term credit needs of the members of the association, such as food and clothing, and other goods and services.
  19. To open branches and representative offices if deemed necessary.
  20. To create platforms to achieve a common goal with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are related to the purpose of the association and are not prohibited by law.
  21. To carry out all kinds of activities that are necessary for the realization of the purpose and that are not prohibited by the laws.